Fishing Charter Boats on Lake Huron

Vance's Resort is a lodge located near the mouth of the Spanish River, which flows into the North Channel of Lake Huron. They offer accommodations but they themselves do not have charter boats. However, they have business relationships with several charter boats in the area and can set you up with captains that have a great reputation for catching fish. The charter boats specialize in Chinook Salmon (King Salmon), Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), Coho Salmon and Lake Trout. Lake Trout in Lake Huron are very clean, safe to eat and taste fantastic. They are not like Lake Trout in Lake Erie or Lake Ontario that have been exposed to Dioxin and PCBs. Vance's Resort also offers fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Musky and Northern Pike. Their lakefront cottages are gorgeous and have magnificent views of the lake. This is a resort that offers so many fish species that everybody in your group will be happy.