Terrace Bay Ontario Lake Trout Fishing

Northern Woods Lodge: If you are looking for a magical wilderness experience with breathtaking scenery and wildlife combined with fishing beyond your dreams; this is where you need to be. Northern Woods Lodge is located on Long Lake, which runs from Terrace Bay on Lake Superior all the way north to Longlac, which is just south-east of Geraldton and south of Nakina, Ontario. Long Lake is over 50 miles with depths going deeper than 300 feet. This lake is absolutely stuffed with Lake Trout and because of the almost non-existent fishing pressure the lake still maintains its reputation for giant Lake Trout. Lake Trout can be found in good numbers off the rocky points and following the contours of the shoreline. Lake Trout up to 7 pounds are common but many guests that target Lake Trout often get big lunkers in the 10 to 25-pound range. Long Lake also has outstanding Walleye and Northern Pike fishing as well as feeder streams and rivers that are stuffed with Brook Trout.