Fly-in Lake Trout Fishing North of Nakina Ontario

Twin Lakes Outfitters Fly-in Outpost Camps' air base is located 3 miles east of Nakina Ontario on Cordingley Lake. They have 21 fully equipped fly-in outpost cabins with unbelievable fishing. Kagianagami Lake (Kag Lake), Abamassagi Lake, Grey Trout Lake and Van Poele Lake are the four outpost lakes with the best Lake Trout fishing. Grey Trout Lake and Kagianagami are the best choice destinations is you are specifically looking for Lake Trout. Lake Trout are common in the 2 to 8-pound range but many Lake Trout over 15 pounds get caught. Kagianagami Lake has produced Lake Trout over 35 pounds.

Leuenberger's Kag Lake Lodge & Fly-in Outposts are located north of Nakina, Ontario and offer a fly-in lodge on Kagianagami Lake as well as 12 fly-in outpost camps on 12 different lakes. Kagianagami Lake is one of the top Lake Trout fishing lakes in Ontario. Small baking size trout up to gigantic 35+ pound monsters are available and in surprisingly good numbers. This is not a lake where you fish all day for one or two trout. This is a lake that is stuffed with fish. They offer American Plan, Modified American Plan and housekeeping accommodations at the lodge. Their outpost camps don't have Lake Trout but you can still take a look. Cabins range in size to sleep between 4 and 12 guests. They also have outstanding fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Brook Trout.

Below are camps that are close to Nakina

Ogoki Frontier is a fly-in fishing outpost outfitter located south of Armstrong with 10 deluxe outpost camps. Their outpost on Mojokit Lake has great Lake Trout fishing. Trout they taste great pulled from cold clear Northern Ontario lakes. Your hosts Paul and Judy Boucher are well experienced outfitters who provide great service, accommodation, and equipment. Ogoki Fly-In Fishing is staying with FRIENDS! And sharing some of the best Fly-in Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario.

Thunderhook Fly-ins & Smooth Rock Camp is located north of Armstrong and in the heart of the best Lake Trout fishing in Ontario. They offer multiple fly-in outpost camps to choose from on remote lakes and a fly-in lodge. They offer lakes with great Lake Trout fishing. Lake Trout actively change their depth throughout the year to find cooler water as the heat of the summer moves in so you will have to contact Thunderhook for details on where to find Lakers during the summer if you are not an experienced lake Trout hunter. In the spring and fall Lake Trout are easier to find and just under the surface. Guests purposely targeting Lake Trout with the right techniques should be able to get 3 to 6 nice Lake Trout on an average day. The Lake Trout are most common in the 1 to 5-pound range but Lake Trout as big as 30 pounds have been caught on Thunderhook's lakes.